Project Description

Okdo is a multinational e-commerce operation working in the areas of SBC and IoT. It works with industry leaders like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Beaglebone, pushing the boundaries while promoting technology in education.

Okdo’s website received an Award of Distinction in the 2021 Communicator Awards, a leading international awards program, honouring creative & meaningful work in communication.

The Challenge

To provide the best possible user experience for Get Started product guides and projects.


With the imminent launch of Okdo’s Raspberry Pi 4 kit, the project began by focusing on the Get Started guide for this product as this exercise contained all the elements and challenges that would appear thereafter.

After a series of workshops, a solution was devised and was tested internally due to time constraints. Once this first case went live, it was user tested externally by Box UK and the findings were used to further fine-tune the solution and devise a design system that would address all Get Started guides and projects.



ux pi-get-started-illustrations

Get Started Guides

The anatomy of the Get Started guides included a simple step-by-step process that tried to avoid jargon. When appropriate, the copy was supported by photographs and diagrams. A clear, vector style of illustration was devised. It covered full frontal and isometric views that enhanced the clarity of the explanations facilitating the accessibility of the content for international customers without the need for translation.

Get Started guides were a focal point for product support as their URL’s were printed on some of the product’s packaging.

The first Get Started guide created for the Raspberry Pi 4 kit was described as “Best in class” by an Okdo user on a product review.

Project Hub

After some research and testing carried out by Box UK, the information architecture to support the projects was devised together with the UI design for the project hub.

The solution was fully responsive and incorporated iconography to clearly communicate key information at a glance when previewing multiple projects.

Together with the UI design to display projects, a set of guidelines describing how to compile new projects were also devised, thus ensuring that content providers adhere to a uniform style and process. The software Fritzing was specified for the creation of circuit and wiring diagrams and specific parts were created for use within Fritzing.


The style of illustration devised was used for explanatory diagrams and some hero images. It was stylised yet technical and informative.

okdo-technical illustrations