Project Description

Responsive revamp of  The National Lottery’s website.

The Challenge

To completely modernise the National Lottery’s online offering applying modern, user-centred UX practices, steering stakeholders away from the dated skeuomorphic look and feel of the existing site.


The approach was, to begin with a blank slate, only using the existing site to provide analytics data and help define personas. A design system was implemented from the beginning to ensure consistency within the design team. Working hand-in-hand with UX designers and in consultation with front-end developers, a concept was devised and developed to a high-fidelity prototype which was then used as the main tool to present and sell the new direction to senior stakeholders within The National Lottery.


Design System

A basic brand-led design system was created. It addresses all the lottery’s sub-brands and instant-win games to ensure brand consistency throughout the site while also modularising the design approach to aid evolution and build. The first thing that was necessary was to tweak the colours of all the sub-brands to adhere to WC3 AA accessibility standards, ensuring the correct levels of contrast.

User Interface

The UI solution relied on extensive use of infographics to enhance data display. Magazine style content helped bring the brand to life, adding a human element to the lottery results and game playing while showcasing the good causes sponsored by playing the lottery.

Iconography & Graphics

Bold icons and infographic elements complementing the UI were conceptualised to be used in SVG format, addressing all resolutions and facilitating animation of the assets.