The project, in which I was involved as Creative Lead managing a team of UI and UX designers, was to modernise the National Lottery website while making it responsive. It was part of a major overhaul which included front and back end.

Using a user-centred approach, information architecture, style guides and interactive prototypes were created, these were then used as the blue-prints for development.

My team was responsible for all information architecture, interface design, interaction design, illustration and iconographies while working hand-in-hand with the marketing and brand departments.

Other responsibilities included supporting e-marketing with guidelines and best practices for their activities.

User Interface

The interface was devised with clarity in mind adhering to a predominantly flat concept which was a big departure from the then existing skeuomorphic site. Part of the brief was to incorporate a lot of visual content, expanding from the predominantly games-based previous site. Articles about previous winners, good causes and infographics gave the site a more engaging feel while re-enforcing the brand.

The biggest challenge was to integrate the numerous “instant win” games’, distinctive graphic styles without clutter or clashes. This was achieved by devising clear and well spaced-out tiles which held the logotypes against a white background.

Interactions & Animation

Interactions and animations provided subtle cues and guided the user through their journey while also giving the site and brand a relaxed personality.


A custom suite of SVG icons was devised for use throughout the site. It complemented the overall look and feel while adding visual cues wherever necessary.